Staffordshire Bull Terrier

S is for strenght, that´s part of the breed,
T is for tenacity, they´ll never concede,
A is for affection, the love that they give,
... F is for faithfulness, as long as they live,
F is for fearsome, which they´ll willingly be,
O is for outstanding, when trouble they see,
R is for reckless, when chasing the ball,
D is for the other dogs, they can´t stand them at all,
S is for safety, you feel when they´re there,
H is for heroic, they don´t easily scare,
I is for impressive, there´s few breeds the same,
R is for ready, whenever they play the "game"
E is for effort, because they´ll always try,

B is for bravery, they´ll fight tooth and eye,
U is for unstinting, in their service to you,
L is for loyalty, only matched by a few,
L is for the life time, that they´ll spend by your side,

T is for the tenderness, that you see in their eyes,
E is for the eternity, that you´ll remember their name,
R is for replacements, that are never the same,
R is for regretting, their shortness off stay
I is for imagine, once they´ve gone away,
E is for earning the love that you´re shown,
R is for remembering, the "Staff" that you own.

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